Dr Martin Orr

Chief Clinical Information Officer

DR MARTIN ORRMB, BAO, BCH, MBA, DBA, FRANZCP, FACHI Chief Clinical Information Officer Martin  is  a  Consultant  Psychiatrist  and  Digital  Health  specialist.  He  has 20  years'  experience  in healthcare   technology   leadership,   innovation,   strategy   and   governance.   He helped   lead   the development  of  New  Zealand's  first  Telepsychiatry  service,  was  a  Clinical  Advisor  for  the  National Depression  Initiative  John  Kirwan  e-learning  Journal  and  has  been  involved in  multiple  electronic record  developments  across  all  health  specialities.    He  is  a  Fellow  of  the  Australasian  College  of Health  Informatics,  has  been  an  academic  lecturer  and  supervisor  in  Health  Informatics  for  many years,  has  presented  and  published  widely  and  is  currently  the  AUT  Centre  for  E-Health  Senior Research Fellow. He holds both a Master's degree and Doctorate of Business Administration, both of which had a technology innovation and implementation focus.  

His  interest  in  Digital  Health  encompasses  a  range  of  current  and  emergent  technologies  and concepts,  including  sensors  and  wearables;  creative  design  and  the  built  environment;  virtual  and augmented  reality;  mobile  and  telehealth; apps;  electronic  health  records  and  big  data;  and anticipatory, personalised and precision medicine. Inspired by the Human Research Program to put humans  on  Mars,  he  has  a  particular  interest  in  Digital  Space  Medicine,  especially  sleep  and circadian optimisation. Martin brings to HealthTRx a mixture of visionary passion and well-informed pragmatics  as  to  how  we  can  best  leverage  technology  to  improve  the  mental  health  of  our communities.

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