Simon Sievert

Digital Creative & Consumer Experience Lead

Simon’s key role in the HealthTRx team is to ensure our engagement programmes appeal to people’s motivations and fit their situations in life. All too often, programmes reflect the approach or aims of the organisation delivering them – rather than the needs and desires of the people they are supposed to be helping.

By understanding and championing the customer, Simon is able to design solutions that better meet their needs, with a resultant improvement in engagement and outcomes. By carefully balancing the technical, information and clinical requirements of the organisation with the aspirations and barriers of the end user, programmes can be designed to deliver more effective behaviour change.  Over 20 years of diverse experience across the digital development, mental health and social marketing sector give him the knowledge to facilitate the various perspectives in any project. Research skills provide insight to the needs of the audience and are used to find creative approaches that inspire the desired behaviour.

More recently, he has been using the emerging Customer Experience (CX) methodologies to design solutions centred on the needs of the end user. Of course, the objectives of the organisation must continue to be met as well, and striking that balance is a critical piece of facilitation he can provide.

Journey mapping is a key CX design tool and Simon augments the traditional approach with a unique behavioural economics layer to ensure a customer’s rational and emotional needs are met. Projects that meet both sets of needs will encounter less resistance from users and are more likely to have long-term effects.

Simon’s responsibilities on projects include; user research, information/content strategy, interface design and communications strategy.

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